Speaking to the Al Arabiya channel, the leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan assures that the war scenario will be “inevitable” if the insurgents refuse to dialogue with their forces.

Ahmad Masud, the leader of the Afghanistan National Resistance Front, which brings together the opposition to the Taliban from the only province that is not in the hands of the insurgents, flatly rules out handing over the Panjshir Valley, as required by the movement. In this sense, he assures that the opposition forces will respond to the Taliban if they try to gain control of that area, as expressed  in statements  to the Al Arabiya channel.

“If the Taliban warlords launch the assault, they will, of course, meet our staunch resistance ,” Masud said, while announcing that fallen Afghan government servicemen have come to Panjshir from other provinces in the country.

On the other hand, he warned the Taliban that the war scenario will be ” inevitable ” if they refuse to dialogue. According to Masud, Afghanistan needs to have a comprehensive Executive that includes, among other forces, the Taliban.

Son of the national hero Ahmad Shah Masud, who fought Soviet troops in the 1980s and then the Taliban in the 1990s, Masud even vowed to forgive the insurgents for the murder of his father, which occurred days before the attacks. -Yes, if the resistance groups and the rebels reach an agreement.

This week, the leader of the anti-Taliban movement launched an appeal to the population of the country to join his cause and be able to reverse the situation, after the Taliban seized most of the territories and entered Kabul a week ago.