Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced today, Friday, that the administration of US President Joe Biden will send a team to Kabul to discuss efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan.

“We will also talk via video conference on how to revive the peace process,” Ghani said during an online program sponsored by the Aspen Institute.

The US Department of Defense announced that President Joe Biden’s administration believes that it is difficult to settle in Afghanistan through negotiations with the Taliban, without the movement’s commitment to its obligations in the agreement last year.

“A settlement will not be achieved without their commitment to their pledges to renounce terrorism and stop attacks on Afghan security forces,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

He added, “It will be difficult to see a specific path to move forward with the settlement through negotiation, but we are still committed to it.”

He stated that the United States has not made a decision yet on the number of its troops in Afghanistan in the future.