For the time being, Lori Loughlin can take a breath of relief, now that she has been released by paying a bail of nearly 900,000 euros. The Full House actress reported to the Los Angeles court on Wednesday to account for  the bribery scandal in which she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are involved.

he couple paid nearly half a million euros to get their daughters to a prestigious university in Los Angeles and lied that both girls were good rowers, so as to grant them ‘athlete’ admission. One of Loughlin’s daughters is a YouTube star and has complained to her millions of followers several times about her studies on social media.

The actress said nothing but “yes” to the questions asked by the judge. He instructed not to travel outside of America either and eventually gave permission for a work trip from Loughlin to Canada, where she has recordings in Vancouver. Lori was already in Vancouver when the scandal came out and hurriedly returned to Los Angeles.

Her husband was also released on bail, after he also taped 900,000 euros. The couple must report to the Boston court on March 29 to account again for their actions.