Kimberley Klaver is in love again. The actress tells, two weeks after announcing her separation from Bas Schothorst, that she has met a new man.


“Yes, I can not deny that I am in love with Michel, we have known each other for about fifteen years and Michel has always been a very nice and pleasant friend, but at one point a spark has leaped, which makes us different started to see “, said the 32-year-old actress in conversation with Weekend.

Klaver understands that it seems quick after announcing the divorce, but says that the process of separating has been running much longer. “Because I have known Michel for such a long time, it does not feel right for me either, it feels like the right moment for the right support, positivity and love.”


Klaver, who played in love with Ibiza , among others , was together with Schothorst for nine years and married him in 2014. On July 10, they announced that they were going to divorce.