Actor and director Kevin Smith lost 23 kilos after a heart attack. He had to lose that number from the doctor. The Clerks director wants to continue with his diet, which he took over from daughter Harley Quinn.


The 48-year-old Smith became unwell in February after the first of two performances he would give in a comedy club for recordings of his show Kevin Smith Live.

He told on Twitter that he had a completely blocked coronary artery. “If I had not canceled the second show to go to the hospital, I would have died tonight.”


Doctors advised the director to lose 23 kilos. On Sunday, Kevin proudly reported that he lost something more.

“Half a year later I can prove that I have followed the doctor’s orders, I started at 116 kilograms and now weigh 92 kilograms.”

The vegan diet of his daughter

The filmmaker thanks in his post include his nineteen-year-old daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith, whom he calls “my little vegan astronaut”.

“Since I never want to see the inside of a hospital again, I simply copied everything my child did,” says Kevin, who has switched to an exclusively plant-based diet.

The director also thanked his followers. “Never underestimate the power of positive feedback that you told me that I looked better and healthier helped me keep it going, and encouraging words can really make a difference in someone’s life and your compliments made me go further. “