Anyone who has interpreted the superhero for more than fifteen years is not very open to the idea of finding Deadpool …

Hugh Jackman answered Willie Geist’s questions in a video released by People in which he said he was confident that Wolverine would return. He who has played one of the X-Men for more than fifteen years, however, does not intend to resume the role, as he had already announced.


“Oh Wolverine will come back. Someone will end up buying it, “says the actor.

Without Deadpool

Yet they are likely to want a return of Hugh Jackman in the skin ofWolverine. And one of them is Ryan Reynolds, who is hoping for a new crossover with Deadpool. “I will continue to court Hugh Jackman through the press until he comes back. For now, it does not work, “he explained before adding with humor:” Since Wolverine, Hugh Jackman goes from failure to failure. ”

A statement to which Hugh Jackman replied: “Seriously. It’s nice of him, he gives me his hand. I understood. You know that term, redneck? It means a moron. You’re a redneck, Ryan. “