The filming of the second part of Stephen King’s work is about to begin, and Bill Skarsgard, the wicked clown, told him what he expected from the sequel.

The huge revenue generator It was a really nice horror film for the previous year, which was not solely due to the recent cash bombardment, because in the first movie only half of the whole story was told in which the children confronted Pennywise’s figure. In the sequel the already adult characters will be made by famous actors such as Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, James Ransone, Andy Bean and Jay Ryan. 

Bill Skarsgard declared the Den of Geek magazine before the show  :

It will be a completely different experience this time, just from the point of comparing my knowledge with terribly experienced actors, unlike the first part when I was working with children. Certainly it will provide a different kind of experience, I can not wait.

Then he added that he was getting ready to shoot:

We’re getting ready now, so I started to get back to Pennywise’s skin somehow. I‘m more or less  aligned with it and we are in the preparations. I think shooting starts in July. I do not know exactly what day I’m going, but sometime in the summer, that’s for sure.

Are you ready to continue with it spiritually?