Veterinarians will examine it and determine if it is released or held in captivity for study.

Staff from the Uttarakhand State Forest Department in India captured a rare two-headed cobra last week, reports the Hindustan Times.

After receiving an alert about the presence of an unusual snake in an industrial area of ​​the city of Vikasnagar, members of the aforementioned department arrived at the scene, where they located a small spectacled cobra . “In my 15 years as a snake hunter, I have never come across a specimen like this. It is a very rare snake ,” admitted Adil Mirza.

The cobra was about 18 inches long and was apparently born less than two weeks ago. The snake was sent to a wildlife rescue center, where veterinarians will examine it and determine whether to release it or keep it in captivity for study.

Wildlife experts say these types of snakes rarely survive in the wild. In addition, they point out that the development of two heads in a reptile is due to a genetic mutation.