Hong Kong-based actor Simon Yam was stabbed Saturday when he was on stage at a promotional event in southern China.

The hugely popular Hong Kong actor Simon Yam was stabbed Saturday in a southern province of China. The actor who shared the star with Angelina Jolie in  Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The cradle of life  in 2003 was transported to the hospital. His days are not in danger.

The assault occurred while Simon Yam was on stage as part of a promotional event. A man walked towards him with a quick step and stabbed the 64-year-old actor in the abdomen, then in his hand, as he tried to defend himself. 

“The knife that stabbed him in the area of ​​the abdomen caused minor damage to his internal organs, which were repaired,” said Simon Yam’s manager, adding, “The wounds on his right hand. have also been treated “. 

The man has been mastered and arrested. We do not know his motives. The scene that was filmed, is broadcast on social networks .

Known for his role in Tomb Raider, Simon Yam has an excessively rich filmography in Asia, where he appears in many movies and TV movies.