Things are getting worse for Apple, more specifically for its laptop keyboards, some with major malfunctions. In the United States, a class action has just been launched by two clients of the firm.

Forums, social networks, specialized sites have recently echoed problems concerning the new MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards . And it is clear that they have not been unanimous, as they turn out to be fragile and conducive to malfunctions when a dust settles.

A class action against Apple and its laptop keyboards

This gave rise to a first petition asking that Apple replace keyboards not working properly by other keyboards. And it is now a class action that will face the group. It comes from California’s Northern District Court, and concerns the 12-inch MacBook and the 2016 MacBook Pro.

The lawyers in charge of the file have meanwhile said they were the spokespersons for the thousands of users who have suffered from these faulty keyboards, stating that a ” minimal amount of dust and debris ” makes the operation the faulty keyboard. Apple’s attitude is questioned, accused of having chosen to sell defective keyboards in full conscience and not to take care of repairs.

A class action against Apple initiated by two plaintiffs

The complaint comes from two Apple customers. The first, Zixuan Rao, was unable to use one of the keys on his mobile phone until one month after his purchase. As for the other accuser, Kyle Barbaro, the space bar and the capital key of his 2016 MacBook Pro did not work properly. Both denounce the careless attitude of Apple, but there are thousands in this case …

If the first complainant was offered a free repair, it proved to be ineffective, forcing the client to use an external keyboard. As for the second complainant, his machine was no longer under warranty during the second malfunction. Apple then offered him a repair for 700 dollars.

The two accusers, through their collective action, hope to push Apple to recognize officially that their keyboards are defective, and that the firm takes over the replacement of defective laptops. It remains to be seen whether Apple will recognize its mistakes in the face of a class action that is still limited, but that can grow because the repair bill is salty and more than one consumer will at least recover his money.