“I am safe and sound and, after a couple of unforgettable nights, I have arrived in Doha, Qatar,” Aryana Sayeed wrote on her Instagram account.

Aryana Sayeed, one of Afghanistan’s most famous singers, escaped from Kabul on Tuesday on a US cargo plane, Unilad reports .

The singer confirmed this Tuesday on her Instagram account that she had arrived in Doha, Qatar. “I am safe and sound  and, after an unforgettable couple of nights, I have arrived in Doha, Qatar, and I am waiting for my flight back home to Istanbul, ” Sayeed said. The artist promised that when her “mind and emotions return to normal,” she will share other stories.

This Thursday, before the singer flew to Istanbul with her companion, Hasib Sayed, he published on her Instagram another ‘post’ in which he recognized “the courage and intrepidity” with which Aryana “faced the most recent moments hardest and most dangerous in his life. “

The Taliban took control of the entire territory of Afghanistan on Sunday, while President Ashraf Ghani  resigned his post  and left the country. Many people rushed  out of the country, resulting in traffic jams and stampedes at the Kabul airport. Afghan women are especially concerned about their future, as the last time the Taliban came to power, they were deprived of many of their rights and forced to confine themselves to their homes.