Jocelyn Savage’s parents testify in the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” and accuse the singer of having embarked their daughter in a sexual sect …

Jocelyn Savage’s parents claim to have been threatened by R. Kelly’s manager . They accuse the singer of R & B to have enlisted their daughter and to have brainwashed her to comply with all her wishes, mainly sexual. The allegations they reiterated in the documentary  Surviving R. Kelly , released last week on the American channel Lifetime.

According to The Blast , shortly before the release of the documentary, Timothy Savage, the father, received a text message from the manager, saying “it would be better for him and his family if the documentary was not broadcast” . That’s when the family decided to warn the police.

A father in distress

Once with the police, Timothy Savage received a call from the manager named Don Russel. The agents were able to hear his threats, saying he was going to “ruin his life, his reputation, his business and his family by making him a liar”. Everything was recorded in the police report published by The Blast.

It’s been several years since the Savage family struggled to find their daughter who currently lives with R. Kelly and denies being sequestered.

Two days ago, Timothy Savage again tried to get in touch with his daughter by posting a heartbreaking video posted on Instagram.