The actress is preparing to celebrate her birthday and does not exclude that she will spend the holiday behind bars.

For the past two months, movie star Jane Fonda has been a frequent contributor to crime news. The actress every Friday holds a demonstration on the steps of the Capitol, urging political leaders to pay attention to the problems of the climate crisis. The last such action ended for Jane with an arrest, after which she spent a day in prison, but this did not stop her, and last Friday she again went to the barricades.

In protest, Jane appeared all in the same red coat. During the last action, she promised to always wear it now and not buy more new things. And since she will free up time from shopping, she will be able to arrange rallies more often. True, she now plans to avoid meetings with the police, she said this in an interview with Hollywood Reporter last week. Firstly, the next detention threatens her with a long arrest, and she is preparing to shoot a new film this winter, and secondly, she’s “not of the age to spend the night with cockroaches on the bunks”.

I spent 20 hours in prison, seven of which I was in the cell. There were people in all the cells, and I was alone. One with cockroaches. Then I was taken to another prison block, where I met other women – their stories about domestic violence, poverty and despair made me sad,

– told the Foundation in an interview.

In an interview, the actress also told how the idea came up all the time to go to the action in a red coat and how it relates to Greta Tunberg .

My team and I from the very beginning decided that I should wear something red. I racked my brains because I usually don’t wear this color. And then I just went to Neiman Marcus and bought it for $ 500. Then I decided that this is the last piece of clothing that I will ever buy. I oppose consumerism, so I had to go for it. I was inspired by Greta Tunberg. She never buys clothes. 

Jane also told what other actions she is taking to save the planet’s ecology: the actress drives exclusively on a hybrid electric car, consumes almost no meat and fish to avoid the disappearance of animal supplies, and instead of an airplane, she prefers to travel by train.