At 60 years old, life is just beginning, as Sharon Stone has proven when she arrived in Italy with a new lover. It turned out to be a journalist Enzo Curcio, who is ten years younger than the actress. The photographers caught the “Basic Instinct” star on a romantic walk only two months after breaking up with the previous boyfriend.

Last weekend, Sharon Stone arrived in Rome to attend a charity prize organized by the Red Cross. The day before the event, she, along with Enzo Curcio, walked through the streets of the city, where they got into the camera lenses. The couple did not try to hide from the paparazzi and had a good time in each other’s company. Judging by the mutual smiles and gentle gestures, the actress forgot about her recent decision to focus all attention on work and family.

The lovers appeared together on the red carpet and did not part throughout the whole evening. The actress came out in an elegant red dress, and Enzo chose a dark blue suit. Despite the open expression of feelings, neither Stone nor Curcio began to make official statements and comment on their relationship. Recall that in September of this year, the actress broke up with her beloved Angelo Boff, who was 19 years younger than her.