The actress enjoyed the sun and sea in a cute swimsuit and received many compliments.

Nicole Kidman recently visited the sea and unwittingly became the queen of the beach. The actress was resting with her husband Keith Urban, the paparazzi captured the couple while swimming. Nicole made a special impression on the audience: she frolic in the water in a blue retro swimsuit, consisting of panties on a high waist and a top with ruffles. The 52-year-old Hollywood star was in great shape – slim, fit, without a hint of an extra centimeter.

Spouse Nicole swam away from her in beach shorts and with a naked torso, showing numerous tattoos on her body. “So tall and slim. The legs are just super. Many women at her age cannot afford to go out in a swimsuit. Even I can’t ”,“ The body, of course, is in order, but with what? ” new photos users.

It is interesting that earlier Nicole Kidman said that she had never sunbathed in her life, but always uses an umbrella on the beach. The actress has very fair skin and is proud of it, trying to protect her from ultraviolet radiation. Kidman calls this kind of Asian attitude to skin his main secret of beauty. The actress said that she constantly uses sunscreen with a protection level of SPF 100.

Of course Nicole is cunning. The main “secret” of her youth is beauty injections, with which the actress was seriously carried away. They say that in 2013-2014 she was not invited to the shooting due to the fact that the fillers made her face almost motionless. Over time, Nicole herself admitted that she gets rid of wrinkles by injection.