Few of the Hollywood stars decide to appear on the cover of gloss without embellishment and demonstrate their natural beauty. And Renee Zellweger decided – the 50-year-old actress starred in a photo shoot for the American New York Magazine and appeared on the cover without makeup and retouching. In the picture you can see the smallest wrinkles of the star, but because of this it does not become less beautiful.

However, there were among network users those who once again criticized Rene’s appearance and her plastic surgeries made back in 2014. The actress herself in an interview with the publication noted that she perceives beauty a little differently than her haters on the network. “We are always evaluated from the outside, and sometimes it begins to seem that these judgments reflect your character – you are a good person, weak or real. I love my quirks and oddities; they help me do my job well. And I do not want to be someone else , ”admitted the star.