In anticipation of the release of the new album.

Canadian rapper and music producer Drake is the first artist on Spotify to have over 50 billion streams on Spotify. The first to report this were representatives of ChartData on their Twitter, which regularly track the positions of the stars in the charts and streams. Another portal with identical features, ChartMasters, made it clear that more than 35 billion plays were of Drake’s own compositions, and almost 15 billion more belong to projects where the rapper was a guest performer.

By the way, on January 18, Drake himself shared the news about his record, leaving a post on Instagram. The most popular tracks were the following tracks: One Dance, God’s Plan, In My Feelings, Hotline Bling and Nice For What. Works of past years, starting in 2009, were also noted by the audience. Best I Ever Had, Take Care stood out the most. The artist currently has 51.5 million listeners on Spotify.

In the coming days, the singer is due to release his sixth album Certified Lover Boy, the trailer for which was released last October. Until the release of the new disc, the 2018 Scorpion compilation is considered the last album. In 2019, the star’s unreleased tracks were released in the Care Package, and last year the Dark Lane Demo Tapes mixtape was released.